The cost of coffee and bagel

The cost of coffee and bagel
Three sisters swiping left to USD 30 million. The headline sums it all.

Key points in creating a moat in a relationship driven business
Creating scarcity in the world of abundance and instant gratification. People yearn over what is seemingly fleeting and unattainable.

Designing a narrative of high quality matches, whereby quality handcrafted suggestions are better than picks drawn from statistical databases

Giving power to the feminine because they are the major decision maker in the matching decision. Reasonable assurance of safety, privacy and security.

Using code-words like <bagel> which are tacit but could easily transit to buzzwords.

Tailored to time sensitive adults whom have day jobs and less time to swipe continually.

Important to gain first move advantage to gain brand advantage and create network externalities. Use stunning PR / marketing platforms / campaigns to capture viewer's attention.

Difference between male dating styles and woman dating philosophy. 

Male Dating
Female Dating
Got for large volume of swipes as it is visually enjoyable
Looking at men is tiring which is coupled by decision fatigue
Hopefully get a high percentage of matches resulting from the swipes. Go for quick and fast wins.
Decision fatigue in clearing a mailbox of active queries. Hard to discern if a men is suitable or present dodgy qualities.
When stalking pictures, guys like to watch photos of females they don’t know and know

No one is looking at photos of men.
When stalking pictures, female like to watch photos of females they know and don’t know

No one is looking at photos of men.


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