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19 Nov 16 Adaptive strike is a magical nuke/stun that depends on morph's current agi and str. Let's take 2 cases: Case 1: agi = 100, str = 150, skill level 4 it will deal damage which is 80 for lvl 4 + 25% of agility which is another 25 damage and stun for maximum which is 4.25 seconds for lvl 4. So total 105 damage (magical) and 4.25 second stun and a knockback Case 2: agi = 150, str = 100, skill lvl 4 it will deal damage which is 80 for lvl 4 + 200% agi which is another 300 damage and a stun for minimum which is 0.25 seconds. So a total of 380 damage (magical) and a 0.25 second stun and a knockback Keep in mind that if your agility is higher it will deal even more damage. Also for varying levels in between for str and agi, it will stun for somewhere between min and max (0.25s and 4.25s) and also the agi multiplier will be somewhere between 25% and 200% So if you're running high agi it's basically a magic nuke, you can kill stuff quick. If you're r