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The fall of nobility 1) Noble, like Enron, had a great story to tell. True, no one outside the company was exactly sure how it made money but the proof seemed to be in the pudding as its share price rose and rose again. The heady rise in its market capitalisation was frequently punctuated with news of acquisitions and fabulous deals; only wimps questioned how they were leveraged. 2)  they are all suffering from acute amnesia. Some, however, claim not to have forgotten but are bitterly accusing Elman and his colleagues of misleading them. Others, with the benefit of hindsight, are busy claiming a degree of foresight that they remarkably kept under wraps. 3)It recorded

Silver Lake axis - a silver lining in sight?

Silver Lake axis - a silver lining in sight? I went to the Silver Lake axis EGM on 01 Mar 2018 to vote for the EGM regarding the acquisition of 3 subsidiaries. To be frank, I half expected a google like buzz and more hip and coming investors and tech geek, being a fintech company and all. In actuality, most of them look like senior citizens at retirement age, some hardcore retail numbers savvy investors, and a few fund managers / securities analyst whom mainly kept silent throughout the egm.  In fact, I think I am the youngest person on the room apart from the ushers. I believe I saw Rusmin Ang, the guy whom wrote articles about agm/egm in his website the fifth person, taking down notes there too. Now without further adieu, I will like to detail on the proceedings of the egm proper.  The first part of the EGM has the main board of directors. They are holding a q and a with shareholders about the acquisitions. The questions are numerous and I took down some of the most import