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On War

 War is nothing but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other means - Carl von Clausewitz, On War The headlines of March has been concentrated on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. What was expected to be a clean sweep and quick invasion by political commentators had an unexpected twist of events. The endless hordes of Russian tanks are being effectively pushed back by the Ukraine defenders, geographical and logistical impediments, and advanced antitank weaponry supplied by NATO/US. This dragged out the invasion which transited to become a stalemate. Supply chains and ammunition lines continued to flow from NATO and US supply chains, and the intelligence and advanced weapons / drones provided by the western powers allowed Ukraine from incurring catastrophic losses and allowed them to disrupt the supply chains of the invaders effectively.  Battles are won by men and wars are won by logistics. It is incredible how conventional warfare (train logistics and tank invasio