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Big data. Big bucks or big bubble.

Big data is the buzzword of technology companies of today. Gaming companies, marketing companies, banks and governments seek to jump on the bandwagon and explore this murky field and monetization potential. OCBC, Ten-cent are companies that seek to utilize / profit from aggregated / segmented data groups (Demand side) and companies like Singtel and Silver Lake axis seek to provide analytical solutions (Supply side) . I did some research to distill my understanding of big data, and whether it is a big bubble or potential big bucks.  Macro view Western societies generally have strong data protection and privacy laws, while Asian / Chinese societies are not as uptight on the privacy and sharing of such information. Facebook is currently facing a sharp correction in its share price from the failure of its data protection schemes, which is worsened by the upheaval from management fallout. It's profit margins are severely eroded due to data protection policies and increasin

HKEX and Hong Kong Market

HKEX Initial thesis :  Cyclical play with a Moderate growth story originating from Hong Kong Stock and Bond connect and increased liberalization of China Market and CNH/CNY. Company is cheap from a historical  PE perspective. There is a margin of safety resulting from adverse market sentiment  contrasted by strong bottom up performance. Monopoly in a growing financial market, as investors utilize Hong Kong as a gateway to China market. Management has reported record profits and earnings for first 9 months. Stock is expensive from historical PE perspective but looking at its earning profile, earnings growth is expected to sharply increase, and other metrics are considered cheap. Initiate position of one lot (high conviction play) and seek to average up /down as the trade war plays along. Have initiated at around HKD210-220 and monitor for future developments. Lines of businesses 1) The Cash segment covers all equity products traded on the Cash Market platforms, the Shangha