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Wake me up when september ends

    Office setup of the Best Performing Fund Manager Wake me up when September ends September saw a flurry of market volatility as market participants discovered new reasons to worry about the stock market and economy. The September and October effect discussed in academic finance, whereby these are traditionally worst months for stock markets, seems like an interesting area to explore. Whether this market anomaly is a consequence of market structure, timing of earnings report release, or self-fulfilling philosophy by market participants, is unknown to me at this moment.  On the lighter side of things, news of hamsters and government officials beating the top fund managers become the meme of the month on reddit forums like WSB, and a nightmare for active fund managers. As the saying goes, if you can't beat them. join them.  China Market At China front, the tech crackdown is ongoing and expected to be continual until next year Feb 2022.  The speed and severity of the restructuring a