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The Longest August

The Longest August August has been a great month for long term value investors. Barely a month after the trade war came to a ceasefire, the second shots of the Trump Tweets reignited the war and the US, HK, and SG markets were battered. Hong Kong was of noteworthy concern as the fear of TianAnMen cast a shadow over Hong Kong market and there were very clear concerns about the impending recession that will engulf Hong Kong. The discount to equities is evident and the hunt begins. I was very fortunate to know a friend I met in my CFA level 1 journey, whom introduced me to a community of value investors. This community will meet up every Wednesday on a weekly basis and bounce off analysis and investment ideas of individual stocks to one another. I benefited from the peer analysis and critics to the blind spots that I have, and it is a better platform than a reflection panel in this blog alone. Some of my investment ideas were bounced off to them, and they have provided analysis of s