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Singtel - Sinking or Swimming?

Singtel AGM 2018 I went to the Singtel AGM at suntec convention centre at 24 July 2018. As I was slightly late for the AGM and did not get good front row seats and have to rush off after the q and a , I neglected to get good photo shots of the AGM. Luckily, I have the luxury of plagiarising ready-made photos from a fellow blogger whom gave a much more concise summary of the AGM. Missing the forest for the tree is a bad habit of mine and I shall remember to slow down and take choice photo shots to spruce up my posts. A picture says a thousand words and it will be more engaging than a price chart and chunks of text in this long post. Key pointers derived from the Engagement  1) Management review The mood of the board is one of vigilance rather than of optimism. The management / board in their discussion painted a rather realist view of the world. They are neither arrogant, complacent nor o