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Position Assessment

Position Assessment and Career Assessment. This is not a post on investment analysis. But the tenets of objective and rational reasoning stands. When you enter the interview phase of a fresh job position, one will generally be positive about the future outlook of the industry and the organization as a whole. Due to the nature of Singapore politics and lack of union power, a job interview is generally a market maker's game. The negotiating power is much higher at the market maker (Company) rather than the market taker's (employee end). Most employees will employ a certain amount of qualitative scuttlebutt analysis to learn everything about the industry, company as well as quantitative metrics such as leave, medical benefits, dental, bonuses etc before negotiating and securing a position in that company. The grass always appears greener on the other side. There will always be a certain amount of expectations mismatch from an outsider compared to an insider. Every employee i

Conch Cement - Intial Thesis

Conch Cement Thesis : Middle - Fast Grower, with a cyclical outlook . Boring basic materials company, with a strong balance sheet, low cost advantage, steadily improving business conditions and profit margins. Exposure to China Cement Industry but significant foreign currency inflows from overseas subsidiaries. Buying a Cheap stock with good economic fundamentals, Good ROA and ROE, low debt and highly Solvent, Good Net profit margin and reasonable short term cash position. Considering the nature of a cyclical industry, I will not put in money into this seemingly good stock until I have conducted further analysis on the nature of the cement / infrastructure cycle.   Symbol Name Cur. R. (X) GP Margin Dividend Yr end ROE ROA NP Margin Quick R. (X) Debt/Equity 00914.HK CONCH CEMENT 2.76 35.64% 30.02% 2018/12 26.55% 19.97% 23.25% 2.53 9.10% Macro Outlook China will continue to implement the str