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To You, 10 Years From Now

  <Inflation is Transitory> To You, 10 Years From Now As I hit my 30th birthday at the month of November, I completed my CFA level 2 examination. This is the most challenging curriculum I have ever taken in my life. Despite my working experience and my Bachelor degree in Economics and Finance, the sheer difficulty and breadth of the content exceeded my expectations and sapped a lot of my time and mental energy for the past few months. I finally had time to do some introspection and reflect on my investment journey so far. The latest list of worries in the headlines are wide ranging. Inflation can be keenly observed from home prices, asset prices, delays in shipping resources / food supplies /eCommerce, and heightened transport and shipping costs which affects all areas of the economy. The Omicron covid variant is disputing the narrative of post covid economic recovery which sent the prices of recovery stocks tumbling. As I was skeptical of the narrative of forward looking marke

The Bewildering community of Reddit

                        No matter how hard you practice, there is always someone in China better than you The Bewildering community of Reddit Reddit is one of the most rapidly growing social media platform that is partially owned by Tencent. Similar as to how Tiktok caught the world by storm, reddit <sub-forums and up-vote/down-vote mechanism> has one of the largest communities, most divisive sub-forums, and one of the most dominant social media platforms in the world that is not listed on the stock exchange. I noted an interesting trend whereby the network effects of being the largest social media forum has the potential to displace social media platforms like Facebook Groups and EDMW/HardwareZone. The dearth of frequency and quality of user posts in forums such as valuebuddies / Money Mind suggest a user migration to the larger platforms like r/singaporeFI, as the younger generation detest the idea of sharing the same peer-engagement platforms as their parents / grandparents. (