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  Betting on Alphabet I reinstated a mid conviction position into Alphabet C stock on 21/09 as the Nasdaq corrected from its previous lofty valuations. Key Thesis of Alphabet is that it will be a continual compounder and continue to generate sufficient advertising revenue from its proprietary search engine and Youtube ads, and generate future lumpy returns from its Alpha-bets. My revised understanding is that the long term compounding thesis is not affected and it is able to continually develop its innovative product catalogue. The slight margin of safety compensates for the risky nature of the company. Because the company is so difficult to value due to its <Call Option> nature, the best way to invest in Alphabet is to treat it as a charitable contribution and not be emotionally affected by its hits and misses , and let the geniuses in google run the company uninterrupted. A key reminder to myself as I mature as an investor, is to not view Tech companies as a blob and use stand

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