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Poems - Fundamental Screening and Cyclical Investing

18Mar17 Utilising the POEMS fundamental Analysis Function on my laptop, I managed to churn out a list of stocks that has reasonably good fundamentals. My strategy is to go down the list and pick companies that are good. I will spend some time and effort to Refine my Valuation spreadsheet and make it more intuitive to use, and automate more of the manual processes via VBA and macros. The first way to screen is by sectorial screening and trade along the business cycle. I can research on specific industries and make it within my circle of competence. 1) Full Recession - This is not a good time for businesses or the unemployed. GDP has been retracting, quarter-over-quarter; interest rates are falling; consumer expectations have bottomed; and the yield curve is normal . Beginning - Focus on Cyclicals and transport, Middle - Technology(NOW) End - Industrials (NOW) 2) Early Recovery - This is when things start to pick up. Consumer expectations are rising; industrial production is

Comparision of stock brokerage in Singapore Effective 1Aug2016 1. Commission Fees Like I said earlier, you get charged commission fees on every transaction you do, buy or sell. If you’re the kind of investor to just “park” your money and not think twice about it, commission fees won’t make much of a difference to you. But if that’s really your investment strategy, then perhaps you should be looking at other long-term products like fixed deposits  or Singapore Savings Bonds . So because you expect to be charged commission fees multiple times, you should not pick one that charges exorbitant rates. On the other hand, depending on how much you’re planning to invest, you could also be caught by the minimum fees. This refers to the minimum commission charged, regardless of how little you’re trading. So if you’re a small time investor, you might want


OCBC Bank Challenging economic conditions  will lead to subduded performance in years to come Interest rate hike Ocbc wing hang focus on south east Asia,  china,  Hongkong, Macau Singapore. High exposure to china High exposure to loan and gas in non performing loans, 6% but will not significantly affect the bank Capital not fully optimised,  room for improvement Acquisition of Barclay's wealth management to access ultra net worth clients and investment management capability ,without incurring any liability from barclays Very strong disclosure and we'll thought planning from Agm minutes Well diversified customer base,  strong capital and liquidity position Dividend policy 40-50% of core earnings but may be prudent during these few years Fintech implemention will not replace banks,  but will change processes. Incorporate into process where trust element need not be strong.  Processes of complexity or requiring trust bot replaceable. Following development of Api,  b

Ascends REIT

Ascends REIT Business summary 103 properties in Singapore  ,27 propeties in Australia, exited china, diversified customer base Business space and industrial focus, market leader, Liquid reit Business and science park, idar properties, light industrial properties, logistics and distributor centre,  data centre and high specifications industrial properties  Pay out 100% of taxable income for distribution  Very clear cut explanation of strategy and flow of money  Lower Indebtness and leverage ratio base on REIT Data Good Earnings and cash flow. Moody a3 credit rating Company Outlook Knowing Singapore, I can predict that asset property will increase in the long run. Ascendas will be buying property while prices are still low. It is buying science park and Business property and I am confident that Singapore economy will improve, after the severe downturn. Ascendas and REITs in general has strong pricing power as they are market leader, and rentals are largely resi