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Roaring Kitty and Dogecoin

Roaring Kitty and Doge coin Gamestop - The best performing Deep Value Play One of the most recent headline grabbers is the GameStop saga. The stock became a proxy by Reddit wallstreetbet traders to pump up the stock to (wage war) against the supposed faceless hedge fund enemy. As one of the most heavily shorted and illiquid stock (short volume above 100% of available Float), the narrative around Gamestop is not about the fundamental of the company but rather the <mother of all short squeezes> to bankrupt the short sellers.    Privately, I suspect there might be certain huge players orchestrating a pump and dump scheme. This issue is currently being investigated by US congress. There is now widespread coverage of the colorful characters involved such as  <Deep F Value / Roaring Kitty, corporate leaders from Reddit / Citadel / Robin hood / Melvin Capital> and most interestingly the absence of important stakeholders such as the members of the DTCC (US clearing house) and st