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Personal Income tax 1) Tax payers are grouped under filing and non filing service. Taxpayers who are unsure whether they need to file a tax return this year can go to IRAS website  2) Personal Income Tax Rebate of 20% of tax payable will be granted to all individual tax residents for YA 2017 (i.e. for income earned in 2016). The rebate will be capped at $500 per taxpayer. 3) Tiered Income Tax Personal Reliefs Eligible tool Income tax spreadsheet https://www.iras.go

OCBC Review

OCBC Stalwart Review I have been buying OCBC shares evey month on a regular savings plan ever since May 2017 when it fell at  7.60 at Mar 2016. I am highly uncertain about the direction of price movements then and used dollar cost averaging to enforce disciplined investing, to buy more when prices fall and buy less when prices increase. I identified it is a good stalwart and dividend stock whom is hit by market cyclical headwinds leading to a irrational crash in price. Since then, Prices have jumped to 10.41per share and I am conducting a review on its fundamentals to decide if there is impact on the  buy / Hold / Sell decision. This stalwart stock has increased by approximately 21% ever since then. Holding 125 shares at dollar cost average price of 9.0753. High Level Summary After review the below, My conclusion is to hold the stock as it is not at risk of bankruptcy and there is future growth to be expected .

Showing Discipline When Investing Foreword from ShareInvestor This article “Showing Discipline When Investing” by Cai HaoXiang was first published in The Straits Times on 25 May 2015 and is reproduced in this blog in its entirety. Gambling-related psychological tendencies can cause investors to take excessive risk Many months ago, I talked to a young man who was sharing his experiences trading foreign exchange. It was quite the cautionary tale. He was 19 years old then and serving National Service. Influenced by friends who were into investing and trading, he signed up for an online account that allowed him to trade foreign exchange with 400 times leverage. His initial capital was S$2,000 of his own savings.In the forex arkets, the tiniest movement in exchange rates can be magnified. The very first night he traded, he took positions with a S$150 margin such that each pip (0.0001) that moved would gain him or lose him S$3. In other

Ascendas I-Trust

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