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Everyone is a long term investor when the market is ascending. And a risk manager when it is correcting. Instead of treating volatility as the proxy for risk, the true definition of risk is the prospect of both danger and opportunity . This stress test is a test of conviction. If people start treating stock sales like steam sales, and stock symbols like game titles, they will be less afraid. Nonetheless, w hat has gone low can simply go lower.   This is probably one of those Warren Buffett moments. What will you do when you have deep pockets? What will you do if you aren't afraid? The Battle of Wallets Deep

Michael Leong- Your first $1,000,000 Making it in stocks

 Michael Leong- Local Legend After exhausting significant part of my war chest, I was very fortunate to chance upon the book published by a Local Legend - Dr Michael Leong. It was my second time rereading the book and the experiences he shared still felt as vivid as ever.  I first heard of Dr Michael Leong on Hyom Hyom blog whereby ML won significant praise as a wise and selfless investor which is willing to teach and share about his journey and the lessons he learnt. Dr Wealth also had a short writeup on him. The forums are now defunct and I was under the impression that his teachings had been lost. What I did not realize then is that ML also published a book. I rapidly snapped up this secret manual upon sighting his name in the library shelf. His insight into investing in Singapore is profound and sometimes contradictory, rational yet contrarian and well rooted in the context of Singapore Market. ML has a remarkable mind and strong self control, being able to clearly segreg

Bear Hunting in China

Bear Hunting in China Following up from my last post, I was interested to allocate my pent up warchest to capitalize on the fear in SG, HK and CN market, brought about from the Corona Virus Epidemic. Although this is not the market crash prophesied by the perpetual doomsayers, a warchest approach did come in handy for blind spots that everyone has been missing out. A statistical collation through Tencent revealed granular statistics about the nature of virus in CN. With the social backlash from China citizens for the undue censorship in China, I do not think there will be any fraud / misrepresentation in the big data collated from Tencent / China government. The risk of GIGO should be relatively limited. Caveat Emptor The below views are my own and anyone reading should conduct their due diligence Assuming ceteris paribus and the virus don't mutate to different form, the contagion effect of the virus is incredible high, and the fear of infection have probably contributed to t