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Keynes 1) Keynes’s view was that he would rather be a “speculator” in an asset that had a daily price quotation and was liquid enough to be bought and sold than an “investor” in something whose price was largely unknown. 2) investing in stocks he believed would prosper in the longer term and then sticking doggedly with his selections despite shorter-term problems. 3) A careful selection of a few investments (or a few types of investment) having regard to their cheapness in relation to their probable actual and potential intrinsic value over a period of years ahead and in relation to alternative investments at the time; 4) A steadfast holding of these in fairly large units through thick and thin, perhaps for several years, until either they have fulfilled their promise or it is evident that they were purchased on a mistake; 5) A balanced investment position, i.e., a variety of risks in spite of individual holding

Investment philosophy

Basic Assumptions behind my Investments 1) I believe that investment decisions and strategy must be based on the temperament and the characteristics of the person. Forcing a  investment strategy that is not aligned with the investor's core beliefs, will lead to the person making irrational bad decisions when in periods of stress. In periods of Purchase, Holding, or even worse Selling. 2) Based on a book I have read which relates emotions to investment decisions,I would describe myself as a Fundamental analysis, long term hold investors, with tenancies of contrarian beliefs . My Personality according to Myers–Briggs is that I am a INTJ. Successful investors that are aligned to my personality are Warren Buffet and John Maynard Keynes. I pl

Enrolment into Toastmaster Club

One of my colleagues in ML introduced me to the Toastmaster community. At that point of time, I had heard of this organisation but is sceptical about it at first. The high membership fee (natural barriers of entry) and guest fees, and the unlikelihood of getting slots to speak up had been the major turn-off for me at the onset. Despite my initial apprehension about this community, she promised me to bring me as a guest to Chang Kat Toastmasters free of charge.  The futility of Work life and job hunts are pretty depressing and I largely feel unaccomplished. Everyone has to get drunk on something, otherwise they can't keep going. Since there is no risk or cost of participating, I decided to give it a run. The people around me are seemingly unremarkable. And yet when it is their time to speak, I can see an immediate transformation within them. How the quiet and introverted, can dazzle others with resounding ideas and confidence. And I got hooked. 1) Selling and speaking skills 2