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Use external data from yahoo finance, Wall Street Journal, Morningstar, POEMS Hold off buying, Wait for events to happen if price shock. Slightly overvalued based on most fundamentals but undervalued based on DDM and 3 year price history. 1) Business Outlook Lines of business + Prospects 2) SWOT P E S T VICOM 2 main business segments.  It has a vehicle inspection company and, SETSCO, its non-vehicle inspection and compliance company.  Vehicle inspection Vehicle inspectio

SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd

SIIC  Environment  Holdings  Ltd Use external data from yahoo finance, POEMS, Wall Street Journal, Morningstar   1) Business Outlook Lines of business + Prospects 2) SWOT P E S T 1) China’s water and environmental markets. water treatment, water supply, solid waste, treatment and other environment-related businesses . Tremendous growth and continues to increase its market share in China’s water and environmental sector.108 water treatment and supply projects and 4 waste incineration projects across 18 municipalities and provinces in China, two-pronged strategy of focusing on organic growth and acquisition-driven expansion 2) explore new markets such as industrial wastewater, treatment, seawater desalination, sludge treatment and handling, soil treatment, renewable energy, water technology and pollution control, thereby strengthening its top-tier position in China’s water and environmental industry. 3) Related Companies - Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd .

The unpredictability of markets

Donald Trump recently led a airstrike to Syria facilities, leading to a sharp tumble in stock prices. Singtel had a recent mishap in its netlink outages, which might affect netlink ipo processes There is much tension between North Korea and the world to the point that 2 major superpowers are denouncing the nuclear equipped North Korea There is sharp adjustment in expectations of wall Street banks as most are over bullish and optimistic, and Q1 earnings are released at April. Rude shocks are expected and I can foresee another turmoil. Random update on Philips and my paper stating post weekend blues lead to mass sell-off of stocks. I can now understand the point that fundamental investors always preach. It is futile to predict the future. Buy undervalued stocks with good fundamentals and stick to your strategy of holding 3 to 5 years. Do due diligence in your analysis and appropriate cool down period before you press the buy/sell button. All this is to ascertain that you have made t


Singtel   Decision to Buy - Undervalued, Great dividend gain, Stalwart (Ok growth), expect to grow from emerging markets but incurring currency and translation risk, Good Cash flow backed by assets, unlikely to go bankrupt, Buying while market overreacts and reeling from spectrum bid and fourth telco 1) Business Outlook Lines of business + Prospects 2) SWOT P E S T I am interested in Singtel and telcos as I believe they are the future. Telcos from a scientific and financial viewpoint is a utility and essential good . Corporate and retail users rely on it for their leisure, business, purchases,

Type of Buy / Sell In POEMS

Philips Trading 1) Buy Limit and Sell Limit 2) Stop Limit (Limit losses in open positions) i) Sell Stop Limit - when you have a long position on a security, place trigger price  below current market price of the security. Buy Stop Limit -when you have a short position on a trigger price above current market price of the security. Upon hitting Trigger P (Technical event), activate buy sell Limit ii) Take profit / minimise loss on long / short position, by set ting limit in open position iii) No guarantee that order will be filled 3) Limit if touched (Create new positions) i) Anticipate Reversing trend, to create new position Falling Market, create Long position To enter market when it rebound LIT sell order is placed above the current market price, and a stop limit sell order is placed below. Rising Market, create short position to enter market when market P falls ii) No need to monitor mark


Hyflux Global leader in sustainable solutions, focusing on the areas of water and energy A specialist in water treatment and among the top global desalination plant providers, Hyflux is distinctive in its ability to address the challenges at every point of the entire water value chain. In the area of energy, the company has expanded from energy generation and retail to include waste-to-energy, providing clean and renewable energy.  Singapore’s first water recycling  plant and two SWRO desalination plants, and some of the world’s largest SWRO desalination plants in Algeria, China, Oman,  Saudi Arabia and Singapore. The Group is also developing Asia’s  first Integrated Water and Power Project and Singapore’s largest  waste-to-energy plant. Founded in Singapore in 1989, Hyflux today employs about 2,500 staff worldwide. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, the Group has operations and projects spanning across the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Key Proj